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Chemical Balance using Unrefined Sea Salt
Blood Parasites
Blood Fungus
Master Cleanse
Products I like:
Jason .............. Tea Tree Satin Body Wash. To be effective I find this               
has to be used with one of the nylon puff-balls, preferably the one on a handle.
Available at Dollar Stores for one dollar.!! All Jason products are very good, but
this is my favorite.
Face Cleansing Gel..(Lavender). Use per instructions..
Avalon..............COQ10 Face Cleansing Gel. This is my favorite face wash. This
is labeled as a Cellular Renewing Wrinkle Defense.
Avalon..............Moisturizing Cream Shave (Lavender). Shave in the Shower!!!
Locker Room mirrors are about two dollars. Hang one is the shower, spray is with
warm water and it will not fog while you are shaving.
Kiss My Face.... Moisture Shave(Peaceful Patchouli). Also a great product.
Queen Helene... Oatmeal'n Honey Natural Facial Scrub. Use per instructions.
Nature's Gate "Organics"...Shampoo and Condition..(Lavender
and Aloe).
Skin Food. Great for the skin, especially the face.
What are websites for if not to share information and opinions??? The following is a collection of items I
think would be great for anyone to read and consider. Yes, there is a background story behind it all and when
I get a little extra time, I will add that story to this page. Of course you are wondering why a person with a
"photography" website has information about health items. I have found that as my friends and I go through life
we find things that are just fun to share, and so this is my little effort  to share some information I think people,
mostly my chatty friends, will enjoy and/or benefit from. And, I like to test things, so for the "products" I list, I
have tried them and think they are great... I have found that the best place for me to get these products locally
is at Whole Foods. There are other small shops in my area that carry some of these products, but not all. I like
to shop health food stores, so I visit the small shops as well as the chains.
There is a new science in town. Most of us who are following it, practicing it, and sharing it, know it as "Eat
Right for your type".. More and more information is becoming available on the subject. The person who
started it all has a site at There is lot of info there, but for ease of use, I suggest you click
on the Blood Type link below for an easy to read and understand approach to the Blood Type for eating
foods beneficial to a particular Blood Type.
Salt.... I know you hear a lot about reducing the amount of salt people are consuming, and the harmful
effects of it.. Well, I for one have to have salt to survive, and as a backpacker at high elevations, I consume
lots of salt to keep me going.. I do not understand how people can live without it, but it has to be the right
salt.. When I am backpacking or doing any kind of hard work and get tired, I take unrefined sea salt. It perks
me back up and gets me going again.. And, it helps me sleep. On nights when I am having trouble falling
asleep, I put about 1/2 teaspoon of unrefined salt in 8 ounces of water, stir it, drink it, and in less than 15
minutes I am asleep.. So, why do they say salt is bad for you? Read the information below and see what you
A window in Tom's universe.
This is more than a website of photos, it is a place to
information. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.
Google for items below to get
the latest information:
The link provided here has some good starter
information on some of the uses for Tea Tree Oil.
Google for Tea Tree Oil and you will get more info.
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