China Adventure, 2014
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I have a new adventure planned for July... I leave home on July 9, and return home on July 27. For my friends and family
who wish to follow along, I am sitting up this page to help you do just that.. I have not shared the tracking of my trips this
way before, so I do not know how well it will work, but, I guess we will find out...

If everything works according to my plan, the following steps should let you share the trip with me.

1. While traveling, I will be carrying a SPOT satellite reciever/transmitter which will collect GPS signals, calculate my
position , then share my position on a webpage, via the SPOT network. For the techies in the group, the website for

2. I am sharing the daily itinerary that was provided to me by my travel company, . I have not used
their service before, but friends have and have reported the company to be good.. So, now I will go see if that is  
true. The link for this trip is: http://      

3. By checking the map and looking at the itinerary, provided below, you should have a fair idea of what I am doing at any
given time.

4. I am not sure how the map will show the date and the time while I am in China, but there is 13 hours difference between
my home location and Beijing.. Seven AM in Chicago should be eight PM in Beijing.
For a map of my last seven days of travel, click this link: Travel 2014
Note: This trip officially starts and ends in San Francisco. I have to fly there on the 9th, to start the trip on the
10th. Then, coming home, the trip ends back in San Francisco on the 26th, but I do not get back home until
early morning on the 27th.
Note... I do not think I will have any way to share images from the trip as it happens, but I plan to do my usual
trip report when I get back, so, watch for that later!!! ..... I might have some email service while gone!!!!
Note: The map will only
share the most current
seven days of information.
After a point has been on
the map for seven days, it
is then deleted.

You may have to adjust
the ZOOM  to view the
map. Use the slider on the
left side to do this..

To check the date, time,
and GPS coords, for any
given MARKER on the
map, click on the little
balloon at the point, or
click the little "+" sign to
the left of the point, in the
list, called messages.

Also, in the message list,
you can click on the little
orange ball, and the
system will take you to
that MARKER, on the
Remember Mark Twain's Quote, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-
mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad,
wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating
in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”