St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis, MO. April 18, 2009
There are no two trips to the zoo that are the same. I have
been there many times and even though the basics are the
same, the details change. With knowledge that there was a
threat of rain this day, a friend called and asked me to meet
them at the zoo for a couple hours of walking, talking, and
taking photos.. Was a good time, but if you watch the slide
show, you will notice that this trip produced more flower
photos than animal photos. The flowers just happened to
be really neat and a lot of the animals were staying in out of
the mist that was coming down most of the time day...At
about 3 PM, just as the zoo keeper arrived to feed the
seals, the mist turned into a full rain.  A dash to cover
landed us at the penguin house, where the rain stopped
until another zoo keeper arrived to feed the little penguins
and then the rain started again. We gave up and head for
the cars. Yep, we got rained out, but still had a good time
and got a few nice photos..

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St. Louis Zoo
July 03, 2009
St. Louis Zoo.. I think most of the people go to the zoo to see the
monkeys. I used to do that myself, but I have found that there are a lot
more neat things there to photograph than just the animals. The
photos on this page probably give away the answer, but thats okay.. I
went there to learn to use the new camera.. The photos you will see
when you watch the show are from the practice session today.. The
link is below.. Check it out and see what you may have been
here for the slide show.
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Tom Ballard Photography
Isn't it amazing how fast a phone call can change your day!!!!!!!!! This
is exactly what happened on August 4, 2013. I have no plans for the
day, even though my day will be full without plans.. There is always a
do list that is longer than the available time to do it!!! But, it is a
flexible plan, or at least is always has been, which explains why this
list has gotten so long and gets longer with each calendar day! Now,
for today! The phone rings, and on the other end of this call is a
friend who has checked the weather and has made the decision that
they should be outside, doing something. But, doing it alone was not
part of the plan, I suspect, so they called me, inquired as to my plans
for the day, etc... Then, regardless of my answer, they had a
suggestion!! Grab a camera and meet them at the zoo for some
discovery photos!! Meaning, we don't have a clue what we will be
taking photos of.. My do list just got put on hold, again!
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St Louis Zoo Aug. 4, 2013