Shaw Nature Reserve
November 16, 2008
November 16, 2008, another great day to be outside enjoying the cool fall weather.. I have some really neat friends
who are doing their best to keep me active in the outdoors!!  For this adventure our leader planned an afternoon hike
in Shaw Nature Reserve west of St. St. Louis. I am guessing it is about 25 west of St. Louis, Missouri on highway 44
near the town of Gray Summit. As I understand it, this reserve is a part of the Missouri Botanical Garden complex.
This reserve also has their own web site,, where they have information on how to get to the
reserve and them maps and info related to the interior of the reserve. It really is a neat place and should be on
everyone's list of things to do in this area. I have been there many times, but each time is different.. At the time of this
writing the end of the fall season is near. A few leaves are still falling, with many on the trails to crunch when you
walk the trails. Each of the seasons has something special to offer, so be sure you go there at least once for each of the
seasons... The photo above was not taken in the reserve but from just outside of the reserve looking back over it. Was
a great day hike, good photos, good friends, good weather, and a beautiful sunset.
Shaw Nature Reserve located about 30 minutes west of St. Louis, Missouri, at Grays Summit on Highway 44, is one
of those special places anyone visiting the St. Louis area for any length of time should visit for a hike. If you start early
in the morning, you might cover most of it in a day, but I would not bet on it. Plan ahead for this to be a place  you will
return to several times. Like all the parks in the area, it changes with the seasons, so it will be a different experience
each time you visit. These photos were taken on my last visit to the park, April 01, 2007. The reserve is neat to be
sure, but a word of caution, the maps provided at the visitors center are not very good, so use them only as a general
guide. I understand new ones will be published soon. For more information on the reserve, visit its official website at
April 01, 2007

January 29, 2009
Again, I am a lucky person to have such great friends. I got a call, on Wednesday after the snow fall, from a good
friend who is a member of the Missouri Botanical Garden. I was asked if I would like to go hike in Shaw Nature
Reserve and enjoy the beauty of the new snow. I said YES.. We met at 10:00 AM, on Thursday in the visitors center.
There had been a few other people in the park, but we were among the first few to see and enjoy the snow. Of course,
I brought my camera so I could bring back memories to share with you here. I hope you enjoy the memories. Many
images will be similar, as I do this for some of my photo friends who want to compare different views and
composition for the same area of interest. My friend and I had to be back to the car by 2:00 PM, so we missed a few
things in the park we had hoped to see, but maybe there will be another day of snow to visit the areas we missed.
This collection of images is from another visit to the SNR. This collection is unique in that I was joined by
two photo students and all three of us used the same camera. and one lens. The equipment was a Nikon D40
with a 55-200 MM non-IS lens. One camera, three photographers. I will not tell you which photos were taken
by which photographer, I'm not sure I even remember. But the students did a great job, had a lot of fun and
came back with some really neat images which you will see here. Also unique is the hawk we found feeding
her young. Our telephoto was a little short but you still get a good idea of what we saw. The hawk images are
enlarged and cropped from the originals.
April 22, 2009
Shaw Nature Reserve, Jun 05,2009. The last time I was here a mother hawk was raising her young. Now only the nest
is left, but life is not gone!! On this visit I found the creature shown on the left.. But it was not alone. I saw a baby
rabbit, a black snake, a frog, several water turtles, butterflys, and the list goes on. The employees work very hard to
keep all the features in the reserve in top shape. Trails, buildings, signs, and even the bathrooms, are all clean and
ready to be enjoyed.
June 04, 2009
October 02, 2009
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