Overland Park, Kansas.. Aboretum and Botanical Gardens
I am a pretty lucky person in many ways!! An example of this is the relationship I have with some friends who live
in the area near the Aboretum and Botanical Gardens in Overland Park, Kansas. When I travel across country,
these friends have an open invitation to come by and visit.. They know I am a cheap guest, just take me to the
gardens, drop me off and come back for me later.. Works great for both of us.. Many of the botanical gardens I
have been to are older ones that are established and except for minor changes, will stay about the same. This
garden, however, seems to still be in the building stages. There are neat areas for people like me to play now,
but looks like they are expanding.. So it should get better with each visit.. At some point of course it will be
completed, and then minor, or seasonal changes will be about all that will happen. If you have not been there, go.
If you have been there, see if you can find where I took these images... Kinda like a treasue hunt!! :-)) I hope you
enjoy the images in this series..
August~September 2009
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