Missouri Botanical Garden Photo Gallery
Orchids. These photos were taken at the
Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis,
Missouri, January 2006. The show
included glass work at the entrance to the
display. Can you guess who the artist is?
May 2005
July 2005
January 2006
Chihuly Glass Exhibit at Shaw Botanical Garden in St.
When I went to see the glass exhibit, I found a few other
garden attractions, so I included them. All photos here
are from a day visit. The garden also offered a night time
show, which I never got to see. I heard it was awesome,
but the waiting list to see the show ruled me out.  The
exhibit was very impressive, and the quality of the art
was just AWESOME. If you have not seen Chihuly's
work, go to the next show you can get to. If you have, I
hope you will enjoy the memories you see here.
September 2006
Japanese Festival, Labor Day Weekend. Sept. 01, 2008.

I almost missed out on this adventure, but as usual my photo friend saved the day with an
invite to join in on the fun at the gardens. The place was to open at 10 AM, I think. We
arrived at 9:30 AM and found we were being parked several blocks away because so many
other people had also tried to arrive early and park close. No matter. We had a nice walk,
paid our 10 dollars to get in, and started cruising the gardens looking for festival activities.
To tell you the truth, I was disappointed. What was there was nice, but I expected a lot
more.. We were there on the last day, so maybe that had something to do with it. We saw
a few Japanese related items, but soon we found ourselves wondering around looking for
flowers and the like to take photos of... In the collection I am sharing here, you will find I
have a lot of images of the same subject. I try not to do too much of that, but some of my
site visitors like to see the many variations of the images I collect, so when you scan
through the images, be patient as there are a few people who want to see the "working"
images as well as the keepers... Was a great day over all and I hope you enjoy the
memory images in this collection..
September 19, 2008
WOW, what a neat place to visit and take pictures. Botanical gardens have always been fun to visit, and I am lucky to have one
here close to me. I seldom go by myself anymore, but I still get there every now and then when a friend calls and suggests we
meet there to do a few photos, some talking, some lunch, and just sort of relax for a few hours. This is what happened time. A
friend called in the morning and suggested we take advantage of the nice day by meeting at the garden. We met a little after 11
AM., took the tram ride, walked a bit, ate lunch, and explored some more. We left about 3:30 PM.
This is the first visit to the garden with my Nikon D40. It worked great.. The kit lens did a very nice job, but I can see that my sights
are already set on getting the 18-200 VR lens. The kit lens is just a bit too short for my liking...
I did a fair amount of cropping to several images in this set, mostly just for the fun of it,, You will notice I changed several of the
images to B&W and cropped them to control to the area of interest.. It is fun to shoot a lot of images with the digital camera, then
toss out the unwanted images. I tossed a bunch from this collection. All the photos here are hand held, but I think I should go back
with a tripod and take the time to set the tripod and get sharper images with greater depth of field...
June 13, 2009
What a great day for taking photographs.. I took my new camera
out for some more practice at Missouri Botanial Garden. This is
a Canon SX1-IS.. Seems to work really good.. It is not perfect.
It has some very agravating featues, but it still does a great
job... I am learning more and enjoying it more...
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This is more than a website of photos, it is a place to
share photos, adventures, stories, opinions, and
information. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.
February 05, 2011
Missouri Botanical Garden... What a great place to visit, any
time of the year, but it was extra special on 2011-02-05, when it
was covered with a blanket of new, soft, white, snow. It was
dressed for photos, and lots of people were out to see it. I was
lucky to have been called by another photo friend, who
suggested we rush to the gardens and capture some images while
the gardens were covered in new snow. I agreed and rushed to
meet them there. We had a great time gathering images of the
snow, and also a few indoor shots of the disply in the Orchid
Show. Click on
'Missouri Botanical Garden in the Snow' to view
a show of the images I am sharing from this visit to the gardens.
I know you will enjoy the show. Click on
Missouri Botanical
Garden, to link to the garden's webstie.
Tom Ballard Photography
Orchid Show, Feb. 01, 2010, Missouri Botanical
It has been here before and now it is back. I hope you
will get a chance to go see it. I arrived at 9:30 AM and
did not leave until 4:00 PM. Of course I did eat lunch
there and I did visit the climatron, but most of my time
was in the Orchid Show. I am sharing a lot of the
images from this visit, so be prepared for a long
show!!! As usual, many images are similar. You
decide which one I should have kept. Click
here to see
the show.
May 26 thru August 19, 2012.
Lantern Festival at the Missouri
Botanical Garden, St. Louis,
Art by day, Magic by night!
Presented by Emerson.
To enjoy this show, click on this link,
Lantern Festival.
You will love the images. The show
really was a migical experience. I
attened it twice.. In fact, the last time I
went was the last night of the show..
Was awesome.
February 23, 2013. Orchid Show at Missiouri
Botanical Garden..

The garden people have done it again, another great
show, focused on the work the garden is doing in
Mdagascar. To link to the shared images taken at the
garden on the day of the my visit to the orchid show,
click on
Orchid Show 2013.
Missouri Botanical Garden is coming alive again,
from its long winter sleep. You will want to see it if
you live in the area, or if you are traveling near the
area! Things are really starting to open up. .. One of
my fellow photo club members invited me to join
them for a morning of photography in the garden,
and so I did. On April 26, 2013, we toured the
garden and collected really nice images. To see this
collection, click on
Missouri Botanical Garden, April
26, 2013.
2012-06-27.... Desert Show at the Missouri Botanical Garden, St Louis, Missouri. If you are
into desert flowers, this just might be something you would like.. Between June 28 and July
27, the garden has a Desert Show ready for viewing.. Pretty neat.. I got in to see the show a
day early, at the invitation of my photo buddy, Al, who is a member of the garden. The
garden offered a "members and guest" event the night before the official opening of the
show.. I attended as Al's guest. We arrived and started our visit at 5:30 PM, and left less
than an hour later.. The reviews for the show are mixed. I liked it, and stayed as long as Al
would put up with me being there. On the other hand, he was less impressed with it.. So, it
would seem it is a personal thing. I will say, that compared to the huge Orchid Show the
garden has each year, this is less. But, for people who like desert plants and flowers, this
works.. I can find something neat in nearly everything.. And, I will be sharing the memories I
have of this visit. I did use two cameras, so I will share two files, one for each camera.. Also,
after our time in the Desert Show, we met more photo friends at a local park for more
photos, and then we were off to dinner.. Was a great evening.. To see the memories I am
sharing from the Desert Show, please use these links:
Camera One and Camera Two.
2014-06-25  Evening of Music and Photos at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St
Louis, Missouri. I do not know the history of the music programs in the gardens, but I
know they are very popular and very well attended.. I have been attending these
musicals in the park as far back as I can remember.. Originally they were small, but as
the years have gone by and the popularity has increased, the numbers have
increased!! You will see what I mean later.. .. ... Now, along comes my photo club,
and they found that it was great fun to join the music lovers for these evenings in the
park, taking advantage of the evening light and the visual effects available after dark..
So, everyone wins.. As a member of the club, I get to share in the photo adventure
and have the music in the background.. The photo club members arrive around 5:30
PM, and do photography until the crowd starts leaving. People interested in the music
will need to check the Missouri Botanical Garden website at:
http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org for details on the music in the gardens and
other programs for this summer. I think the music festival goes through August.
Currently, there is a Desert Show on display. The music is free, however there is an
additional fee for the Desert Show. To view the memories I am sharing of this evening
in the gardens, please use this link:
Missouri Botanical Garden in the Evening Light.