Mariner of the Seas
Mariner of the Seas. Feb. 25 through Mar. 11, 2007. This is one beautiful cruise ship. The photos in this collection were
selected from two, one week cruises, taken back-to-back. There are two photo files to cover this adventure.
File 1 and File 2.
The adventure started with an alarm clock sounding off at 2:00 AM on Feb 25. After flights to Atlanta, then on to Orlando, a
bus ride to Port Canaveral, and a speedy check in,  we were finally on the Mariner of the Seas, and sitting at the first of many
meals. Everything about the ship and the adventure was awesome. The food, the service, the entertainment, all first class. I
think the entertainment is the part of the adventure I most often judge a cruise ship by. If the entertainment is poor, then
probably everything else is too. We had great weather both weeks. This was a blessing as I have been on some cruises
where we lost  playtime to rain and high winds. Most all the islands looked to be in good shape except Cozumel. It is has a
lot of work to do to get the boat docks back in shape. They are pretty well messed up from the hurricane.
One of the plus points of this ship and the time we went is the fact that this ship has a point on the bow where the helicopter
pad is located, where you can stand and look straight down into the ocean as you are cruising. While we were out to sea,
there was a full moon. At night we could stand on the bow and enjoy the moon light, the shimmer on the water was just a
super bonus. So if you ever go on  this ship, find the bow and enjoy the wind in your face. Its an awesome experience. Try it
both by day and by night... It is a great place to be as the ship leaves its home base the first day of the cruise. And,
something this ship had that the others have been lacking in is a super fitness area. This ship has great sauna and steam
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