Lower Rock Creek, Missouri
Lower Rock Creek, near Fredericktown, Missoui, is a beautiful place to hike,
anytime of the year. I have been there many times, but on the day I took these
photos, November 02, 2008, the creek was at its best, dressed in full fall colors.
My trip this time was via an invitation from some new friends I met in early
September at a fund raiser. If you look close, you will see my new friends in some
of the images as they hike the creek and enjoy the color. I hope you will enjoy
looking through this collection.
I am more of a backpacker than a day-hiker, so most of my trips along LRC have
been overnight trips. There are some great places to make camp along this creek.
I will list some of them below, along with the endpoints of the area I recommend.
To take advantage of my info, you will need a GPS.
The images in this collection were collected with a Nikon D40 with the kit lens, an
18-55 with a circular polarizer to help with the color. For color editing, cropping,
and text, I used Google's Picasa.

General navigation to LRC:
Take highway E east from highway 67, south of Fredericktown, Missouri
Cross St. Francois river and turn right on country road 511, a dirt road. Cross a
low-water slab and in just a few yards turn left onto a jeep trail. This trail is good
enough for most cars if you drive slow and have little weight in the car. You can
park anywhere along this road. To take the path I take, follow this road by foot or
vehicle to a steel gate that crosses the road, about 1/4 mile from road 511. Walk
around the gate and continue walk for 50-100 yards to a trail on the left. Follow it to
Lower Rock Creek. When you reach LRC, I suggest hiking upstream. Going
downstream for a little ways is good, but in a little while you run out of the fun stuff.
Going upstream gets you to the good stuff. Also, for those who have the energy,
hiking on top of the bluffs of the north side if the LRC is also super neat.. Great
views and some camp areas.
Here are the GPS coordinates that can help you play in the area.
Eastern limit of the good area: 37-30-06N and 90-29-02W.
Western limit of the good area: 37-30-32N and 90-30-44W.
Good high bluff: 37-30-08N and 90 29-55W
37-30-02N and 90-29-21W
37-29-56N and 90-29-41W
37-30-04N and 90-29-55W
37-30-08N and 90-29-57W
37-30-18N and 90-29-55W
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