Laumeier Sculpture Park, located in Sunset Hills, Missouri.
There are some really neat outdoor art items here. Some are permanent, others get changed
during the year, so visit often to see the changes and the new additions. The red tubes shown
here are probably the most famous.
Laumeier Sculpture Park
The photos in this set were taken on December 23, 2007. Hopefully the photos will speak for
themselves as all the art there should. If you go there to look, look from many angles. If you are
there with a camera, study the shapes and collect images from angles others may have over
looked.. On this day, I found that shooting towards the shy from several different angles gave a
variety blue colors. On a clear day, and at the right angle, the sky in St. Louis can have the
shades of blue one would generally expect to find only in the western US
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Tom Ballard Photography
May 24, 2013. Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, Missouri.
In St. Louis, Missouri, there are several really neat little parks
tucked away in out of sight places, scattered around town. Some
of them I had not found until here recently. Others, like this park, I
have been going to for years. And, I think this park provided me
with some of the first images I posted on this website. So, I have
been keeping an eye on it for many years. Today, was a return
visit after being away for a long time. Many changes have been
made to the park, most all are good. Now, there is a wonderfully
large parking lot, a nearly new restroom building, and some new
sculptures. But, much has remained the same. The big red "thing"
you see above has been there as far back as I can remember, and
this is true for some of the other sculptures. However, a lot of them
have been relocated since they were first brought to the park..
Some of the original sculptures have been removed from the park,
but, have reappeared in other parts of town!
Today, in the mid-afternoon, I joined two of my photo club
members for a stroll through the park. And, of course, we gathered
some images to share. The images I have to share from todays
visit can be seen by clicking on this link,
Laumeier Sculpture Park. I
hope you enjoy this glimpse of the park and I hope you will go see
it for yourself.The park has a large stage area where mega
concerts are presented during the summer, and it has a lot of great
hiking, suitable for everyone. So, there is a lot more to the park
than just the sculptures! It is very near the intersection of Highway
44 and 270. Another great park in this area is Powder Valley,
which has great hiking trails and lots of friendly deer that come out
in the late evening.