Johnson Shutins Photo Gallery
Summer 2006
The photos in this collection are from my two visits to the Johnson Shutins State Park in July and August of 2006.
I know a lot of people have seen the photos taken form the air soon after the break of the of the Taum Sauk
Reservoir on December 14, 2005. If you have not seen them, they are awesome and you should check out some of
the websites that have them...I may link to some of them later. However I had not seen what the park looked like
months later. On my return from a couple canoe trips I stopped by to look and share the experience with the
people traveling with me. I can assume the people contracted to clean up and reclaim the area worked hard to
that end, but now it is hard to see that they are making any progress. The area on greatest interest to people like
me is the actual shutins. As far as I can tell they are doing nothing with the shutins. The park service has the entire
area fenced off with a lot of keep out sign posted. We were told there was a lot dangerous material that had
washed into the shutins and would have to be removed before the shutins could be used by the public. Also, we
saw a lot of picnic table placed around the area where the campground used to be, but they appeared be there
more for storage than actually used for a picnic. Photos taken with a Canon A95.
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