Jefferson Barracks Park--- the trail...St. Louis,
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, and Park.   St. Louis, MO.
This cemetery is an incredible sight to see. Just to drive through it, or better walk through it. It will take your breath
away as you take in the near endless rows of white stones. You cannot help but wonder how they got it all so perfect.
The park offers some great views of the river, some museums, and a paved hiking trail that is about 3 miles in length.
The trail has parking and toilets at each end.
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and Park
May 7, 2006
Fall and Winter 2005
June 02, 2006
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery is always a
beautiful and touching place to visit. Each time you visit,
it will be different. The grass will be different colors, there
will be different flower arrangements, flags, and the
ever-changing light!!!. The shapes and shadows have
always caught my attention. I captured all images with a
Canon A95 digital camera then modified them with
Google's Picasa software. I hope you enjoy the results.
I have lived and worked in the St. Louis area for many years. During these years I heard that to
celebrate Memorial Day at the National Cemetery here, a small flag was placed on each grave. This
would amount to thousands of flags and they had to all be there at once. What a sight that had to
be. I also heard that the Boy Scouts provided the people needed to do this in such a short period
of time. I do not know if this is true, I have not checked to learn the exact details of how the flags
are placed. I do know that I have almost always been out of town for the holiday and missed seeing
the flags on the graves. I think it was in 2006 that I went to check on the flags after I got back in
town, and found that all were removed except for a couple of small ones that were missed or new
ones placed after the others were gone. Those photos are in this gallery. In 2007, I was lucky
enough to return to town on Memorial Day, and headed to the cemetery to see if I could see the
flags. There they were. Was perfect. People who would have been there for services were now
gone, the weather and the light were awesome, and only a few people like me were there to
witness the wonderful light changes on the flags as the day came to an end. I stayed till the sun
set. Was awesome. For this gallery I prepared two slide shows, one is
special effect, and one is
COLOR, to give you a glimpse of what it might have looked like to you,
had you been there... And, for those friends of mine who like to see the complete collection of my
work images, I have included these images here to browse through as well.  If you have the time to
sift through them, grab something to sip on and walk through the cemetery with me, via the many
viewpoints from which I took photos trying to catch a few that would be considered outstanding...
Complete work albums,
Part 1 and Part 2.
Memorial Day 2007
Halloween at the cemetery...
Oct. 31, 2008

Here is a set of images I
collected at Jefferson Barracks
Cemetery on the evening of
Oct. 31, 2008. It is so amazing
to see how people decorate in
the cemetery.
What a beautiful day December 25, 2008 was. Not warm, but beautiful.... Sometime in the
afternoon, it dawned on me that I needed to get out and get some exercise. Almost to the
car, I had the thought that there might be Christmas decorations at the cemetery, much
like there had been for Memorial Day and Halloween, etc.. I had never been to the
cemetery for Christmas. After living near the cemetery for many years, I discovered the
decorating tradition almost by accident. Now, I will go there more often to see what people
are doing to dress it up for each season. If you ever have the chance, do visit the
cemetery at a time when family and friends have decorated the graves. So far I have seen
Memorial Day, Halloween, and now Christmas. I hope this Christmas set will give you
some idea of what I saw. I should have started earlier in the day, but I did not think to do
so. As you watch the slide show, which is the recommended method of viewing, notice the
light fading. I photographed until there was no light left. Almost all my trips to the
cemetery have something unique happen. Today, shortly after I arrived and started taking
photos at the cemetery, a very friendly man approached me and asked about my
photography. I shared my interest in the cemetery and the seasonal decorations. He
invited me to take photos of his son's grave and the memory items family and friends had
placed around his son's tomb stone. In the collection of memory items were a couple
bottles of liquor and a 12 pack of Bud Light. I was invited to share any or all of these
items. I would liked to have tried them all,  in his son's honor, but since I was taking
photos I needed steady hands, but I did accept a Bud Light, which I drank while talking to
the father and two of his son's friends. This man's son is named Riley Elam Baker, a
USMC Scout Sniper. Riley's last fight for his country was in Iraq on Jun 22, 2006. Riley
was a very lucky man to have a father, family, and friends who cared so much for him.. I
think you will see what I mean when you look through these photos. I hope it is okay with
Riley's dad that I share these photos with you. I was very touched, I think you will be
Christmas at the Cemetery
December 25, 2008
Easter at Jefferson Barracks
National Cemetery, April 12, 2009.
Almost by accident I got started
going to the cemetery at holiday
time to see how people were
decorating the graves. Later I will
write about being here and some of
my thoughts. Question: How long
will people remember you? The
newer graves have lots of flowers
and visitors, the old graves have
nothing. Do you live as long as
someone remembers you?
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Easter in JB Cemetery, 2010.........Click Here
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