Hawaii Photo Gallery
Lanai, Feb 2007. This is one awesome little island. In the short time
I visited, I saw a lot, I missed a lot. I have reason to go back. I cannot
tell you what I remember most, as I don't really know, it was just a
feeling of calm. I liked that.  The photo to the left shows just one of
the upscale properties I visited. There are two that I know of. Both
were very nice and service was just super. But this is not a
McDonald's kind of place, you will need to some extra bucks to enjoy
this island. There are places that are reasonable in price to eat, but
they are not at the resorts. A hand-full of rice at the resort will cost
you 32 dollars. And it goes up from there
Diamond Head, on Oahu, Feb 2007, is one of
those famous places it seems we have all heard
about, but only a few ever go there when they visit
Hawaii. It is a "fairly easy" climb up to the top of the
crater. The trail is paved part of the way, then there
is some "fairly" serious steps to go up. But if you
take your time and don't give up, you will be
rewarded with some really nice views from the
lookout point at the top.  These photos give you and
idea what it is like to go to the top.
Punch Bowl, on Oahu, Feb 2007, is a
national cemetery. I don't have much info on it at
this point, but I know it is a neat place to visit and
it is really awesome when viewed from the
Ualakaa State Park
over looking it.
Sea Life Park,
Oahu,Feb 2007.
Oahu, Feb 2007.  Misc photos that I thought  you might like to
see, but I did not have a category to put them in, so they are just
left-overs. In the photo to the left is a photo of my
first of the
famous "Loco-Moco"s. Also in the photos is the one food I am
addicted to, Doritos!!!!!!!!!!
Molokai, Feb 2007, turned out to be one of those truly unique
experiences. The island is almost totally undeveloped. If there was
ever a place I have been were time has stood still, its here. I'm told
that until recently it was all ranching. Now there seems to be a battle
going on to start making into another Honolulu. The battle is on. I like
it just the way it is, but the island will probably lose to the need for
income for some and the greed of others. These photos and others
like them may be all there is to remember the way paradise used to
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Manoa Falls, Oahu, Feb 2007 is one of those neat little places that is great to visit if
you have two or three hours to spend doing a hike. Truth is I don't remember how much
actual hiking time was involved as I was taking photos as I went and was enjoying the
many plants etc along the trail. One thing is for sure, you have to be very careful hiking
this trail as it is very slick.  There are some rocky areas, some board-walk areas, and
some dirt areas. They are all slick with moss or very slippery dirt. Be  prepared to come
back with dirty shoes and socks, etc. Parking for this adventure cost five dollars if I
remember correctly. The lot attendant collects your money soon after you park. Bug
spray and walking sticks are offered for free, I suggest you use both. The drive up to the
falls and around in the area is a treat also, so plan to do some driving around in the hills
nearby. Lots of nice views and a great chance to see how people live away from the
hotel area on the beach
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