November 2005
The photos in this collection were taken mainly at  the Grand Palladium Bavaro Resort in the
Dominican Republic, in an area named Punta Cana, in November 2005. The Resort was beautiful,
the beach was great, but the food was poor and nobody spoke English, except a few people at the
front desk.
The weather will make you do things you never thought of. I never in my wildest imagination
thought I would be going to the Dominican Republic for any reason, but it happened. Plans had
been made for a scuba diving trip to Cozumel in the first week of November. While on this
adventure, besides diving,I would celebrate my birthday and two of my dive friends would tie the
knot, get married!!!. There was a group of maybe 20 people who had made plans to be on Cozumel
at the Reef Club with us, celebrating my birthday, going to the wedding, and for the divers, like me,
doing some great diving. Then it happened, just before we were to fly down, a nasty hurricane
came and parked itself right on top of Cozumel... Needless to say it ended the birthday party and
the wedding plans. The couple elected to get married anyway, they married locally at a JP... I, still
wanting to do a vacation, called one of my friends from the group and asked if they would like to
go someplace else to vacation. They said yes. I called my travel agent, asked for another location
and this is what we got, the Grand Palladium. Maybe in another 10 to 20 years it will be as nice to
visit as Cozumel, but for now it is too primitive for the comfort of people like me.  All-inclusives, to
gain my favor,  must have great food, and employees who speak English. They had neither here.
And, the electrical plug-ins were not really compatible with our electrical gadgets, like hair dryers,
and chargers for the camera, toothbrush, etc...  We managed to get our electrical gadgets to work
finally, with the guidance and help of the maintenance people. We did a couple of day trip
adventures, which were not impressive either..One of these involved some snorkeling, which was
very poor..With that, I chose not to waste any money on scuba diving trips. I have since heard
there is some good diving in the area, but I find that hard believe given what I saw. And, for those
people who like alcoholic drinks, the drinks here are just awful.
Grand Palladium Bavaro Resort
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
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