Garden of the Gods, August 7-26, 2008
2008 was another great year of adventure for me. I started with a cruise to the Caribbean in January, then a road trip to
Key West Florida in March, followed by a cruise from Mexico to Hawaii in April, then the biggie, my annual trip to my
favorite state, Colorado. For many years I have been going there to backpack. For my last three backpack trips, I have
gone there and backpacked solo. First year was 8 days(2005), next year was 13 days(2007), and this year was 14
days(2008). I had to skip 2006 because in June of 2006 I had to have 2 stents put in my heart, now I backpack better than
ever, the extra blood flow helps a lot!!!!!!!!!. These adventures start before the backpack and end days after the
backpack. This adventure and the photos involved will have to be presented in segments as I find time to share them..
Tonight I am going to start with the first segment, which will be the first "adventure" day on this trip. The first day will be
August 07, 2008, and will start at the Garden of the Gods, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have seen good photos of the
garden, but they have been limited. So, for those who like photos, this is your place to be.. I am going to share with you
almost every photo I took.. True, some were dupes and were left out, but for the most part you will get to see nearly all
the photos I took on this trip.. The camera used was my old standby, the Canon A95.
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