Forest Park at Night
Forest Park at Night can be one of the most awesome places to see in the St. Louis Area.
A photographer friend of mine reminded me of this fact, and suggested we capture some of the sights to share
with those who have not been there, or could use some inspiration to go. The images in this set were taken
May 19, 2007, after 9:00 PM. When you look through the collection, be sure to check out the photos with the
moon in them. The photos here were taken with a Canon A95, set to ISO of 400. I tried the auto mode, but was
not crazy about it, as I remember, so I switched to the "P" mode and liked the results much better. There are
lots of possibilities in the park, but for this visit, I just concentrated on the Art Museum and the lake. I hope to
go back later and capture some of the other features of the park, at night.                            
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