Current River
The Current River has to be my all time favorite canoe stream in the state of Missouri. My
first canoe trip in Missouri was on the Meramec River in the mid 1970's. It was an
overnight beginners trip put together by the AYH. Maybe under the Campfire Stories page I
will share that story with you later, but for now let me tell you this trip hooked me on
canoeing and overnight trips on the river. The second canoe trip that I can remember was on
the Current River with friends from work..This was also an overnight trip, and part of it
would also make a good Campfire Story. Wasn't long after I started canoeing that I had to
give it up for a few years because of my work load. In 1990 I cut back on the work and got
back to playing. Since that time I have canoed many of Missouri's streams and some up in
Wisconsin. But the one stream that has generated the most fun is the Current. When the Jacks
Fork has water in it, it is a better float, but I only get to canoe there about once per year, in
the spring, before the water gets too low. This year, 2006, I did not get to go even once, just
too little water.
Last year a friend talked me into buying a digital camera and bringing back some memory
shots from my adventures. Little did any of us know that I would get hooked on the photo
thing and many might even say carried away, but call it what you may, I started grabbing
memory shots and bringing them back here to share with whoever cares to have a glimpse
into what I have seen on my trips on the Current. My goal here is to show the photos by
adventure trip, in the order I took them... I hope that works out and I hope you will enjoy
looking through them. My camera is a Canon A95 and I use Google's free Picasa software to
make adjustments to the photos before putting them on this site.
If you are not familiar with the Current River and the canoe opportunities, please give it a
lot of consideration. My favorite section of the river is from Round Springs to Two Rivers,
an easy 18 mile,  two day float. Renting canoes is a much better way for me to go than
owning one  and my favorite rental is from
TWO RIVERS Canoe Rental, located at the
intersection of the Jacks Fork and the Current. Please check them out. They have a great
Website. Also at their location is a limited amount of camping provided by the government.
And, the campground has some brand new showers that are just awesome, and they are free.
Come in off the river, take really nice shower and you are ready to go. Please note, these
showers are large. I think you could easily get ten people in one!!!!
October 2005
June 10-11, 2006
July 22-23, 2006
July 29-30, 2006
August 19-20, 2006
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