Council Bluff Lake
Fall Colors. This collection of photos was
taken in the fall of 2005 around
Council Bluff Lake,
located south of Potosi, Missouri.
This lake has an awesome 12 to 13 mile trail
around it, along with a campground, picnic area,
and a swim beach. In the summer months there
are canoes and paddle boats for rent. The swim
beach is just the best I have seen in the state.
Photos taken with a
Canon A95.
Waiting for Summer. Council
Bluff Lake
south of Potosi, Missouri is one of
Missouri's hidden
jewels, 12 months of the year. I have
been here at
temperatures ranging from zero degrees
to 100 degrees and all of them were  fun.
In this series, taken in April 2005, we get
a glimpse of what a day is like as the
kids wait for the water to get warm so
they can enjoy one of the states best
swim beaches. Some variations of the
original images have been included for
the artist in the group!  Plan to visit
and enjoy this lake, it is awesome.
Photos taken with a
Canon A95.
Council Bluff Lake. One of Missouri's
overlooked treasures. This lake is located about
90 miles south of St. Louis. Missouri.
It has a great campground, a 12 plus mile trail
around the lake, and maybe the best swim beach
in the state... This collection
of photos is from my training trip for using
a digital camera. I used a
Canon A95. Great
This lake is near the newly dedicated Ozark
There is a connector trail that connects the lake trail
to the OT. More info is available on the
OT website.
Fall 2005
April 2006
April 2005
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