Colorado Adventure July 2007
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For several years I made plans to visit the portion of the Weminuche Wilderness where Emerald Lake is located. Finally
in July of 2007 everything came together and I was able to make the trip. On the way to the trail head I stopped off in
Colorado Springs to visit friends and see the famous chapel at the airforce base, then over the continental divide to Ouray
where I had great fun driving the jeep trails in the mountains. From Ouray, I went to Durango where I took a glider flight.
Great fun... From Durango I went to the Pine River trail head for my backpack and photo trip. The trip took 13 days and
covered approximately 80 miles. After the pack trip and with Doritos in hand, I proceeded to Pagosa Springs for a much
needed shower and shave. Once there and cleaned up, I spent 6 hours in the hot pools. After the I relaxing mineral pools it
was time to head home. I did stop by the famous sand dunes on the way. Was a great trip. At this time I have not had the
extra time needed to put my trip photos on the site, but here are a few sample pics and a sample slide show...I hope you
will check back later to see the whole adventure. All photos taken with a Canon A95.
Tom Ballard Photography