Gold Camp Road, Colorado
Gold Camp Road.... September 15, 2009
I have been going to Colorado for many years to
backpack and explore, but not until recently have I
started being a tourist and visiting the features and
places that are rated popular and famous by
tourists. This year I started driving the roads built
during the gold rush days and are now famous
drives because of the beautiful country through
which drivers travel while on these roads. In the
near future I plan to share these drives via my
photos. I just finished the collection of images
from the Gold Camp Road drive. My photo
collection is actually a combination  of Stage Road
and Gold Camp Road. I do not know where one
ends and the other starts.. My starting point was
the zoo near Colorado Springs, CO. The end was
just outside Victor, CO.
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The images in this collection are a combination of photos from my
Nikon D40 and Canon SX1-IS.
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