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2013-02-19... Strange isn't that a person can live in an area for nearly 40 years and
not ever go to their local city hall.. Well, that is the case for me.. Been in the area
almost 40 years and have never been in a lot of the public buildings, such as city hall..
Then something changes. In this case, I joined a local MEETUP photography club,
and met some really fun people who go out as a group to photograph some local

Right now, I think the target is to photograph 20 of the local architectural attractions in
our area.
CITY HALL was one of those attractions, and on Tuesday the 19th of
February, our group met there and photographed for about 1.5 hours, then went to a
place called Maggie O'Brien's for lunch, where we sat and talked over the fun we had
at City Hall.

After lunch, we all took off to do our own thing for the rest of the day, but several of
us made our first stop to be the
Soldiers' Memorial Military Museum in downtown St.
Louis. From there, I do not know where the others went, but I drove around the arch,
then headed down to the famous GRAFFITI WALL along the waterfront. It had
changed some since I was there last.. I think it was better before, but still there was
some fun stuff to see, so I captured a few images of the wall for sharing...

Was a cold, but sunny day, to do photography, however, we all had a great time..
Now, it is time to share some of the images from the day. The image set I am sharing
is rather large, and some of the images will look very much alike to some people, but
to those of us who are into this sort of thing, they will quickly see the difference.. If
you have the time, you can amuse yourself trying to decide why I have two images so
much alike... To view the images from this day, click on
St. Louis City Hall Images.
PS. I am finishing up my Trip to Europe last fall, so watch for that to appear here
soon, I hope.