Cancun, Mexico.
Iberostar Paraiso Lindo   Nov 3-7, 2007
Iberostar Paraiso Lindo This is one of those really neat places that I can recommend people go to get away for a
few days or a week, or for whatever length of time is desired. My visit was for four nights. Lucky for me, my room
was ready when I arrived, at about 10 AM. Many times you have to wait until around 3 PM for the room to be
cleaned and prepared for the next guest. Right away I signed up for the specialty restaurants. Night one was steak,
night two was Italian, night three was Japanese, and night four was Mexican. The Steak Restaurant was reasonable,
the rest were iffy. But, there was always enough food, even if it was not up to par with the cruise ship food which I
enjoy a couple weeks each year. This resort is probably at its best for people who just want to sit and read or lay
in the sun. The food is fair and the drinks are fair. Adequate, but not great.
On this particular visit, the wind was a bit of a problem. I had hoped to do some sailing and snorkeling, but the
high winds pretty much stopped all that. Several times the lifeguards elected to have people stay out of the water
till the winds and the waves were more safe. The beach is nice, but not very long, so long walks on the beach are
pretty much out of the question. And, there is still a lot of rebuilding on either side of this resort. Some of the
neighbor resorts have not yet recovered from the storm several years ago. All said, it is a neat place to go, but it is
limited. So, relaxation is probably the best use of this resort. That being said, if you are into photography, there is a
lot of neat things to take creative photos of. And if you are into portraits, there are lots of neat portrait
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