Butterfly House, St Louis, MO
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Tom Ballard Photography
2013-05-17, Faust Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Home to the famous
Butterfly House and indoor Merry-Go-Round. This is one park you do not
want to miss if you are ever traveling near it. If you live in the area, it is a
great place to visit often. If you live far away, put it on your list of places
to visit... I have been here many times, but today was a special for me.
Knowing that I am having LOTS of problems with Nikon equipment, one
of the men from my photo club, Tom Tucker, offered to bring some real
equipment out and let me see it and use it for a bit.. I saw it, I used it, I
could hardly believe how awesome the images were.. I have never seen
anything that could take images like this equipment did. In the image
above, I am holding the most expensive DSLR camera that I know of, on
the market, plus it has a premium lens and flash on it that are the best of
the best, as far as I know. The camera I am holding is a Canon 1DX with
70-200mm, F2.8. It does not get any better than this. I am going to add
all this to my Christmas List.. Hope I win the lottery soon! Today, I saw
images taken by this camera that I thought were beyond the ability of a
DSLR.... Was awesome... Speaking of awesome, the park was
awesome today. We had great fun, capturing some images of the
butterflies, the Merry-Go-Round, then the old buildings that are
preserved on the property. Was great fun.. As always, I have selected a
set of images to share with my photo buddies and the public in general.
You are invited to check them out. To see the images, click on this link,
Faust Park in St. Louis, MO., May 2013.