Bee Tree Park Photo Gallery
April 15, 2006
Bee Tree park is located in the
south area of St. Louis, MO.
April 17, 2010................Bee Tree Park is treasure to the people who live near it. Located in
the southern area of St. Louis, Missouri, in St. Louis County, this is a park that you would have
to hunt for to see it. It is hidden in backwoods, along the Mississippi River. I do not know the
full story of how it came to be a park, but I think it was once the home of business man whose
family donated the house and land to the country, to be used as a park. The location is awesome,
but then there is the beautiful home, the great views of the river, really neat trails, lots of wild
flowers, playgrounds, pavilions, restrooms, a really nice lake, and the list goes on. The beauty
of the grounds provides the backdrop for numerous wedding photos. Some will be exampled in
the images I am sharing here. People come here to relax, visit, solve world problems, fish,
exercise, walk, run, and take photos. If you have not been to the park, go. If you have been there,
go again.. Take Mosquito Spray. Like most places in Missouri, there are mosquitoes!!!!!!
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