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Colorado Backpack Trip Diary....... Day 12, Friday....... August 22, 2008

This was a good day but long. Wore me out, and of course I did not get as far down the trail as I had planned. I
ended up coming back to campsite #5. I had planned to get back near campsite #4. I got a late start because my
GPS got lost. Found it at the bottom of my pack, in my sleeping bag. I must have left camp around 8:30 AM. Met
Dave and Janet and chatted awhile. Dave has climbed all the 14ers in the state. I left them and met Whit Bronaugh,
a professional nature/outdoor photographer from Eugene, Oregon. He was not working on this trip, just climbing the
14ers. Is website is Shortly after leaving him, I met a real mountain climber. He climbed four of
the 14ers yesterday. Said it took him about 12 hours. ( I hope I got this info correct). Neat guy, Robert Lee. He and
his wife live in ABQ, New Mexico, but have a town home in Durango. He carries a satellite phone. Said it cost
around 1500 dollars + 40 dollars per month + 2 dollars per min to talk, but he likes it.. (I could have used that
yesterday when Garmin data just about did me in). He and his wife do research work. He is from South Carolina.
Has worked in Alaska, and has been climbing for years. He was in Canada for awhile. He knew the guide Steve
who guided me out on the glacier in Canada. Robert used to play in a band and lived the wild life!! Now he has
given it all up. I left him around 11:00 AM, after taking his photo. I made it back to Columbine pass at 3:00 PM. Took
a few photos and moved on. Great weather, but my body is really tired and I am moving slow. Note, I had to change
camera batteries when I was taking photos of Robert Lee. Then I had to change data card just after I left Columbine
Lake. I made it to my old camp 5 at 6 PM. I was super tired and my feet hurt. I smelled bad. I had not changed
clothes in 12 days. So, today I heated water, stripped off, took a bath or sorts, and changed into clean clothes, feels
great! It is now 9:12 PM. I hope for an early start and get pretty far down the trail so that my last day will be pretty
Notes from memory: The GPS coords for this camp site are the same as for #5. It would have gotten a lot further
down the trail, but I talked a lot.. Talking is also a hobby and I love to learn about the other people who have taken
the time to come to the mountains to play.. So, taking the time to visit with them is worth it....
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Colorado Backpack Trip Diary....... Day 13 ....... August 23, 2008

11:00 AM, I met Dave and his three travel companions, one, probably his wife, was  an awesome looking blonde. Lucky
guy!!! Dave was an investment person who lived in Phoenix, AZ. Later, just before bridge, I met three other guys. Two were
from Tennessee and Kentucky. The other guy from out east. Later, while I was getting water, two guys came by, but did not
visit. For the record, I crossed the Johnson/Vallecito bridge at 1;40 PM. At 4:00 PM I waded the Vallecito again. When I got
there, two people were getting ready to cross. First the guy, then then the lady. Turns out they met here in the Vallecito area
and will be married one year on September 7th. She is a lawyer, he has a real estate business. I took their photos while they
crossed. Will send them copies if they email me. Just awhile before the rope-wading, 4 horses four horses and two riders
passed, going my way. Horse shit of course. I took photos of it. Not long after wading the creek, I met two neat young guys
from Phoenix, AZ. Turns out they were ER doctors. Had met in training school. Chris is married to an ER doctor and has two
lot. Says it is great. We visited til near 6:00 PM. John told me where this site was. He found it while fishing. Interesting fact, I
have only met two people in 13 days who were backpacking and did not have a college degree. Most backpackers seem to
have a degree in the science field. It is now 8:41 PM. Today at dinner was the first rain I have gotten on this trip and it was
just a little shower. My last camp is located at 37-32-48.7N, 107-31-07.5W
Notes from memory: The horses are a real problem on the trails going into the Weminuche Wilderness. The horses have
really torn up the trails and of course they poop all over everything, which bring swarms of flies.. And near creeks, the horse
shit is washing off into the streams.. People are talking about the crystal clear and clean mountain water coming down the
mountain. If only the people could see the horse shit washing into the creek just upstream from where they are standing...
This is really bad over on the Pine River where I was last year.
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Colorado Backpack Trip Diary....... Day 14 ....... August 24, 2008

I guess this is my last entry, its over, I'm back!!!!!!!!! I got back to my car around 4:10 PM. Was a great day!!!! I should have
been back earlier, but I left camp around 8:50?? Then I saw Chris and John again, so I took photos. Later I met Debbie and
met I met an OBGYN and his wife. We visited. They were from Bayfield. Next, met Ted from Phoenix, AZ. Ha long talk with
him. He lives in Phoenix and has a house in Durango. He and his wife have done many neat things. They went to Peru with
REI and to Antarctica with a university group + other stuff. Nest I met a beautiful blonde named Barb. She lives in Vallecito.
She lives in Vallecito and works in Durango, I think. Neat lady. She walked part way out with me. But she had things to do so
she hurried on. I got back to the car about 4:10 PM. All was well. I tried doing my Doritos shots + beer, and was doing OK
until I brought out the salsa. When I moved the beer can(24 oz), it turned over, hit a rock, got a hole in it and started spraying
beer!!!!!! SHIT!!!!!! After two weeks of waiting and a rock pokes a hole!!!! I saved most of the liquid!!! I went to a picnic
bench where am now. Opened my bag of Doritos and salsa. Eat Doritos and salsa + drank beer. Now it is time to head for
Pagosa Springs and the hot pools. Got to clean up. Was a great trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post notes: I really am unhappy with Coors.. The have made their beer cans soooo thin that simply turning one over on a
small gravel is a disaster.. I told the lady named Barb that I met on the trail, that I was looking for a good meal when I got off
the trail. She recommended a little hamburger place in Vallecito area. When I got there about 5:45 PM, the grill was already
closed and so I missed out on the best food in Vallecito.. I asked the people where I could go to get fed. They sent me across
the street. If memory serves me right, the place was a beautiful log building and one would guess from the outside that the
food would be good.. WRONG!!!!!! This was the most awful stuff I have eaten in ages.. It took forever to be seated. Then it
took forever to get a waitress and place and order. I ordered a simple hamburger and fries.. I thought I was going to die of old
age before the food arrived.. And, when it got to me, it was just crap. It was sooo bad I cannot even think of the words that
describe it.. But, if you are ever in Vallecito, Do Not Eat at Virginia's Restaurant. I hardly ate any of the food.. I put enough
money on the table to pay the bill, no tip, and I left.... What a nasty way to end such a great trip....
I did drive into Pagosa Springs and went to the Springs Resort. Paid my entry fee, went in, showered and shaved off a two
beard, then headed out to the pools. Felt good. While in one of the best pools overlooking the river and the town, I met a
lady who was in deep thought and enjoying the view. Turns out she was and is one of the most interesting people I have
met.. She is a computer geek that races motorcycles for a hobby.. Go figure!!! We are still in touch.. Fun person to know and
talk to when time allows... Since I got to the pools late in the day, one of the managers gave me rain checks to come back in
the morning. I camped in my car that night at a gas station in town, then went for breakfast at the best place in town, The
Rose Restaurant. While there, I returned a call I had gotten on my cell phone. Turns out a friend of mine from where in live in
the midwest was also in Pagosa Springs that day. We met, we went to the Springs to enjoy the pools a little while, then I was
talked into following them into New Mexico. So, off to New Mexico I went. I spent the night in that state, then headed back
home. Stopped off in Boise City, Oklahoma to visit a friend for a few hours, then I was back on the road.. Got home safe..
Had a great trip!!!!!!!!!!
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