2012.. Lantern Festival at Missouri Botanical Garden
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May 26 thru August 19, 2012. Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO.
Art by day, Magic by night! Presented by Emerson.
There is something going on at the Missouri Botanical Gardens that should not be missed,
it is awesome.

Missouri Botanical Gardens is celebrating the Chinese Year of the Dragon with a special
event called Lantern Festival. The garden website indicates this special event, going on
now,  will continue through August 19, 2012. The event is available Thursday thru Sunday
evenings from 6-10 PM. Admission is 22 dollars per person and is worth every penny! If
you are in the area and can go see it, do!!!!!! It is the most amazing thing I have seen in

Tickets for the event are sold at the garden, no reservations needed. I suggest you arrive
at least one half hour ahead of time to find a parking place, get your ticket, and get ready
to start walking as soon as the doors open. The displys take up about one fourth of the
garden property, and might seem a bit small at first, but as you walk, you learn how big it
really is. The show is a two part deal, the first two hours are in what you and I would call
daylight. At this time you can view the lanterns as works of art. At 8 PM, two things
happen, first there is  really neat show at the pavillion which lasts about 20 minutes, and
second, the lights in the lanterns are turned on! This is when you really get to see the
good stuff..  It is amazing.

A few words about the photography and images I am sharing. I attended this event with
my photo buddy, Ralph, who I think is the one who allerted me to the fact that this event
was taking place. Since then other people in my social group have attended, returned, and
sent me notes telling me I should attend. Well, attend I did, and I was in awe.. It is a
super show. Of course, I took a camera to collect images for my memory files and to
share. For the photos, I used a DSLR camera, an 18-200 MM lens, no tripod, and a flash,
sometimes. I have found that using a flash, even in the daylight can bring out that extra
touch that some images need. Between 6 PM and 10 PM, I shot 1036 images. What you
will see in the links is what survived the edit. And, to some people, I should have removed
even more images from the sets, as many may look just alike to non-photography type
people, but there are differences and important aspects of each image. My photo buddies
who will be viewing these will notice and appreciate what I am talking about, for the rest
of the people on my list, you can have a bit of fun in trying to find clues as to why similar
images were included.

Because there was almost two events in one, one for the day, one for the night, I
separated my photos into two sets. One for the day, one for the evening. I hope you will
enjoy veiwing the images. For those that have not been there, I hope you are motivated to
go, for those that have been to the show, I hope you will be reminded of how great the
show is.

Tom Ballard Photography