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Cruise on the Celebrity Summit.. Completed
Tour/explore southern Florida.. Completed
Canoe the length of the Buffalo River...
Completed May 30, 2010!
Drive the Alaskan Highway, tour Alaska.
Ride mule into the Grand Canyon. Completed
Driving Criss-Cross of the USA. Completed
Tour Nova Scotia....Completed
Cruise on the Celebrity Millennum...
The Buffalo River Adventure, May 2010... I officially started at the Ponca low water bridge at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, May 18,
2010 in a brand new 17 foot Buffalo canoe, provided by my outfitter "Buffalo Outdoor Center", Ponca, Arkansas. One flood, many beautiful views, lots of
new friends, lots of photos, 130 miles and 13 days later, it was complete when the owner of BOC, Mike Mills, met me with a big "Mike Smile" and a
congratulations handshake at the Buffalo City takeout on the White River at around 12:15 PM, May 30, 2010. It was an awesome trip!!!!!!!!!
................. Below are a few fast memory photos. The detailed story will be added as I get the time to put all the info together, but there is one person to
doing this float trip. Approximately two months ago when I made the decision to go, I called BOC. Terri was the friendly voice on the other end of the line
and was my constant point of contact through the whole planning process. Then, she was my eyes on the ground to monitor the river and weather so I
would know when to go. She felt like my constant companion until I shoved off. She constantly stayed in touch, provided me with river and weather
reports, and then she was the one who sent me the email on May 16 that said the river is looking perfect, its time for you to start!!!!!!!!! I loaded my car
................. Below are a few fast memory photos. The detailed story will be added as I get the time to put all the info together, but there is one person on
May 17 and drove to Ponca. On the 18th, I actually got to meet this awesome lady who had gotten me here. I was very impressed. Then I got to that
has to be mentioned here because she actually made it happen. Terri Bernard is someone you should meet. For years I have been looking forward
meet Mike Mills, the owner and a legend in his own time, plus I met other office staff. Everyone was super friendly and eager to be a part of this fun
adventure. If anyone is ever looking to play on the Buffalo River, call Terri. Mike is also someone everyone should get to know, but catching him might
be trick, he is as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof, to use a country term.. Not only is he a renter of canoes, but he has cabins for rent that have million
dollar views!!!!!! Please check out his website,
www.buffaloriver.com. It is very impressive and is managed and updated by his beautiful wife, Rhonda.
Mike, Rhonda, Terri, and the rest of the staff are outstanding people, you will love doing business with then. They love people, and they even have a
Cockatoo, named Lemon Drop, that loves people, loves to be petted, and will be there waiting to greet you when you arrive...
Click this
BUFFALO RIVER ADVENTURE link to start reading about the trip, and seeing the photos. I am still working on the story and the photos.

UPDATE: It is now Jan 2013, and I am still working on this project.. Hopefully I will have it done soon!!!!!!!!!!!
In 2010, I criss-crossed the USA in a 2005 Honda Accord.
This adventure included Nova Scotia, a 130 mile solo canoe trip on the Buffalo River in Arkansas, a mule ride to Phanton Ranch in the Grand
Canyon, plus two Caribbean Cruises. I'm still working on the full story, but click on
Alaska Adventure to see what I have shared so far!
WOW, 2010, what a year!! It turned out to be a lot more than I would have ever guessed! In February I just happened to have started an adventure that would not stop until the middle of October. It all
started when I drove to Florida, flew to San Juan, cruised the Caribbean, flew back to Florida, went to Key West, then to Arkansas for a 130 mile solo canoe trip. From there I drove to Fairbanks, Alaska, via
the Alaskan Highway. Rode a tour bus to the Arctic Circle. Toured Alaska, rode the ferry south to Prince Rupert. Drove south to the Mexico Border. Then headed to the Grand Canyon. Rode the mules on
the famous over night trip into the canyon. Toured the area, then back to the home base in Missouri. Got new tires and headed to Madawaska, Maine, to complete a criss-cross of the USA in one calendar
year. But, I went on to the north end of Nova Scotia as well. Drove to the east most point of the USA, then headed home, just ahead of a nasty storm that come to the east coast. Was quite an adventure.
Will share the rest of the story and photos as soon as I get settled in for the winter...
Click on Celebrity Millennium to see the images I am sharing from my last cruise, which was December 2010.
Tom Ballard Photography
UPDATE: Believe it or not, it is now Jan 31,
2013, and I am still working to finish sharing this
adventure. As the trip progressed, I sent back
sample images to family and friends. Those notes
and sample images are shared here.  Now I am
working to share the full image sets.. Please
check back later to view my progress.